Accommodation in StavangerAll the apartments have the same facilities and contracts that is tailored for contractors looking for accommodation.

We are trying to make is as simple as possible for the lessor to quickly get settled and also have the possibility to terminate the stay on a short notice.

The following is standard in all over apartments:

  • Fully furnished.
  • Cable-TV connection*.
  • WiFi.
  • Washing facilities.
  • Ready-to-use kitchen.
  • Walking distance to public transport.

* The lesser is responsible for paying the NRK TV-license. Info, NRK

[google-map-v3 width=”560″ height=”350″ zoom=”7″ maptype=”hybrid” mapalign=”center” directionhint=”false” language=”en” poweredby=”false” maptypecontrol=”false” pancontrol=”false” zoomcontrol=”true” scalecontrol=”false” streetviewcontrol=”false” scrollwheelcontrol=”false” draggable=”true” tiltfourtyfive=”false” addmarkermashupbubble=”false” addmarkermashupbubble=”false” addmarkerlist=”A.B.Cgt 6 stavanger{}1-default.png{} # Apartment#|Brødregt 2 Stavanger{}1-default.png{}# Apartment#|Grensesteinsgata 2 stavanger{}1-default.png{}# Apartment#|Nymansveien. 42 Stavanger{}1-default.png{}# Apartment#|Spilderhauggt. 16 Stavanger{}1-default.png{}# Apartment#| Vinkelgt. 2 Stavanger{}1-default.png{}# Apartment#|Øvre Dalgt. 7 Stavanger{}1-default.png{}# Apartment#|Øvre Haukeligt. 26 Stavanger{}1-default.png{}# Apartment#” bubbleautopan=”true” showbike=”false” showtraffic=”false” showpanoramio=”false”]


The above map shows the different apartments and there location. In the lower left corner you can see the bus station (and trail terminal). The apartment furthest away is approximately 13-15 minutes walk. You will also find more detailed information about the location and the nearest busses under the different apartments in the menu.